How to find out the order of loans and good loans

When you receive a loan, you will be judged by referring to the applicant’s credit rating, income, and status of employment. This is called a credit loan, and if the credit rating is relatively bad, it may be secured by the debtor’s property, such as real estate, vehicles, or land. The credit rating is not good, but because there are things that are left as collateral, you can afford the bank’s bad debts even if normal repayment is not made. But there are also loans that can be received using the communication rating, and today we will look at the types of communication grade loans and sort out the conditions and qualifications.

What’s a communication grade loan?

You can understand that the communication rating is similar to a kind of credit rating that calculates based on the information of the carrier for customers using SKT, KT, LG U + and other three telecom companies. Unlike credit ratings based on employment status or income level, communication grades are calculated based on the performance of payment of charges.

communication rating inquiry method

How can I check the communication rating? In the case of credit rating, it can be confirmed in Nice and All Credit, but there is no such credit rating agency. If the carrier you use is SKT, you can inquire through the pink app.

communication grade loan type

Then we will now look into the types of telecommunication loans.

1. Non-performing loans for the NACF;

In the case of the Nonghyup All-One Emergency Loan, which is the first to introduce, you can apply for it if you are 19 years old or older in Korea. If the communication rating is not possible, it is possible to automatically review the high interest rate model. The minimum amount of 500,000 won – up to 3 million won can be used at a minimum of 3.52% for one year. It is applied differently according to the individual credit rating or Nonghyup Bank examination.

Under preferential interest rates, if you are within the 3rd grade of the communication grade, you can get 0.3% preferential treatment if you are within 0.5% preferential grade 5. If you use the Nonghyup Bank Fill Card, you can get an additional 0.5% interest rate.

2. Woori Bank’s emergency fund loan;

The second type of telecom-grade loan is Woori Bank’s emergency loans, which are targeted by three telecom users, including SKT, KT, and LG U +, to the extent that they can be unemployed. If you have a carrier’s cell phone charge or a delinquency history, it may be disadvantageous for screening.

Up to 3 million won can be used 폰테크 for a year at an annual interest rate of 4.18%, and negative account can be used. If you are within the second grade of communication, 0.5% will be applied, and 0.3% will be applied if you are within the fifth grade.

loan related tip

1. What order does the loan take?

Currently, the Korean financial market consists of commercial banks in the 1 financial sector, capital in the 2 financial sector, credit card companies, savings banks, and lenders in the private sector. When you use a loan, it is important to use it from 1 financial institution because it can not only use interest rates as the lowest interest rate, but also has less risk of creditworthiness.

2 The more you go to the financial sector and the private sector, the more negative the impact on creditworthiness when you use a loan. If you use the loan from the beginning, it may be difficult to use the loan of the 1 financial sector again.

> I will teach you how to find out the order of the loan and the good loan!

2. How do you get a good loan?

It is best to use the main bank to get a good loan. If the main bank does not have the right interest rate, it is also a way to visit a bank that provides the interest rate I want as it has different interest rates at each branch.In addition, interest rates and limits are set according to individual credit ratings, expectations, or employment status, but it can be used at lower interest rates if you can afford to pay off your debt through consultation and explain specific plans for repayment.

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