It’s only five minutes on foot

Last time I was driving, I started getting massages after a little contact. At first, I was surprised by my muscles and visited for healing purposes. The more I received it, the more I was healing, the more I fell into the charm of Cheonan massage shop. I feel that my mind is clear, my stress is gone, and the more I receive it, the healthier I feel, so I go to work every time after work, on weekends, and on time. I’m going to introduce you to places I like because it’s a bad place to know alone

The first Cheonan massage shop is Flower located in Seongjeong-dong. I want to introduce you first because it is the first Cheonan Sweedish massage I received for the first time. It is famous for its meticulous and systematic management. When you are tired of the real repetition of solar radiation and want to run away somewhere, do not worry and run to Flower right away !!Flower is the famous massage shop that has never been there but never been there

There are so many customers who 홈타이 come and there are so many customers who come. There is no place like therapy on a tired and difficult day. I often go to flower and get care like flowers, and I get my mind and body back. The program consists of a single course of Swedish massage. It consists of 130,000 won for 90 minutes of course A. The Korean director runs from 12:00 am to 3:00 am. It is located near Lotte Mart in Seongjeong-dong, Seobuk-gu, so please visit many people

The second Cheonan massage shop is located in Dujeong-dong. Dujeong-dong is hot with a lot of delicious restaurants. So after receiving a relaxing massage on holiday, I can not be so happy if I eat delicious rice in Doojeong-dong. I can assure you it’s probably a massage that you won’t get anywhere

I was a regular because you were not good at your skills but also the service was so good. To introduce the course, Sweedish Massage, Emotional Aroma Massage A course is 100,000 won for 70 minutes, 130,000 won for 90 minutes, and 180,000 won for 120 minutes. The director is a veteran who has completed the massage course of course, so he is very good at it !!The business hours are from 11:00 am ~ The location is only 5 minutes on foot from Seongjeong Park in Dujeong-dong, West Buk-gu

The last Cheonan massage shop is Ruby. It’s a shiny jewelry store like its name. I dare to call it the best one-person shop in Buldang-dong. Why is that?

When I am tired and tired, I feel so annoying that I do not really want to do anything, but when I go to Ruby and get care, I feel tired and tired!The program consists of emotional massage.A course from 120,000 won to 120 minutes for C course from 200,000 won ~ Korean Ruby is 5 minutes walk from 2 pm to 10 pm Cheonan Sports Complex

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