Print a full picture of hangover soup to become a point!

I thought Corona would be quiet to a certain extent due to the development of vaccines, but the fourth trend has begun and the number of new confirmed cases is increasing to 700.
There is no detailed announcement yet, but I hope our customers take care of their health!
I hope that someday, the boring Corona will end and you can take off your mask and feel the spring weather as much as you want.

Today’s construction site was constructed for signage of hangover soup and skyning in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province.
Corona is extreme, but she’s always taking care of safety and construction!

We will start with the design of the signage and discuss it with you.
If you need to cover the refrigerator, wire, etc. because it’s a restaurant, you need to print it out.
They can also adjust the height to suit your taste!
The designated design plan is to attach the actual inspection printing with the staff to go to and from the hangover soup.
Check the detailed phagora, such as the location of the menu, without any mistakes.
They arrived at the site after discussing it for construction!

It’s the 1st floor, but we’re going to attach a sign board and skyning as a skycar with sign information.
Prepare for construction with products manufactured by the factory of sign information!

Attach translucent live-action to the side of the shopping mall by pushing it carefully without bubbles!

Inside the commercial building, you can attach an opaque due diligence output image!!!

He’s a sign information manager who’s construction on a ladder that’s quite tall!

From the side, it’s a real-life output of hangover soup that looks really delicious! It is tightly attached to the front to make the picture of the hangover soup stand out.

The bottom part of the hangover soup store is also full of pictures of the hangover soup to make it an accent!
I’m suddenly craving hangover soup.

The corner 파고라 pagora on the wall has a mirror acrylic scissor interior sign that adds luxury.

Black stainless steel Galva frame noticeable channel logo!!!
It is also effective in stimulating appetite by putting red letters on the signboard because it is hangover soup!

Skycar with sign information will also install a new customized skyning for the sign board!

The logo of hangover soup was also included in the skyning, giving it a clean and unified look!
I think I want to go into the store because I want to eat hangover soup just by looking at the actual print while passing through the entrance!!

Customers who always trust our sign information and leave everything to us!!
If you’re satisfied after discussing and discussing with each other, I’m encouraged!
I will not lose my initial commitment and try hard to develop the information on the signboard.
Thank you for reading today’s Haejangguk post!

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