I’ll visit you whenever I need to.

I wake up early every day and go to work.
It’s late when I get home.
I don’t have any special breaks.
I want to give it to me who’s always working so hard.
There was a present. It’s Gayang Station Massage!
I’ve been using my body, and I’ve been working everywhere.
It’s very, very tight. It’s very hard.
It’s done.

Well, the best thing about being together is,
I thought it was Gayang Station Massage. Originally
I don’t get this kind of stuff very often.
When my friend got it a while ago, it was so…
It’s cool and I’m relieved of all my fatigue.
I heard about it. So I’m going to have to do it.
If you go to the place where your friend went,
a lot more stiffness or a lot worse.
I thought things were gonna be all right.
I got it.

It was called Soul & Body Foot Shop.
It’s a place that lasts till dawn, so like me.
For those who work late,
You can visit me after work.
Good. It’s close to the station.
After work, take the subway to visit.
All right. If you take exit six from the station,
It’s right there. It’s an alleyway.
You don’t have to look around.

There’s a parking space, like me.
You’re not taking the subway, you’re taking your own car.
From the perspective of those who are driving, the heart.
I think it’s a comfortable place to visit.
It’s a popular place, and it’s a lot of word of mouth.
I think I’m here, so a few days in advance.
I left my reservation. on one’s visit
I don’t think there was a single thing that really wasn’t good.
It was a shop.

Once you’re in, you’ll feel the subtlety.
I liked the scent. Cleaning chart
It smells good in a good smell.
I think I liked my first image.
To proceed with the course I reserved.
You go into the women’s changing room, you go into the clothes first.
I changed. To change into the changing room
My clothes and lockers are together, so my clothes and luggage…
Put them all in the locker. Just the body.
I’m out. The women’s and men’s changing rooms.
It’s separated, so it’s comfortable and comfortable.
I was able to get rid of my clothes.

If we proceed with membership, we’ll be able to do it a little more.
Just because it’s affordable,
Member with the intention of coming more often.
I signed up. I’m a sportsman.
I chose a lower back aroma course.
It was a little over an hour long.
The price is not bad, and the course is organized.
I thought it was good, so I chose it.

Care massage with a wide range of courses
Because it’s a shop, it suits your taste.
I thought we could pick one. like me
In the case, I wanted to choose a longer one.
It’s a weekday evening, so make it short and go home.
I chose 80 minutes to go.
It’s not that expensive, but cash.
When I paid, they gave me a lot of reserves.
I joined the membership.

The size of the interior was quite large.
There’s a foot bath on one side.
I was there. When I change my clothes,
Go to the foot bath and dip your feet first.
Give me a light foot massage later.
It’s famous in this field.
High satisfaction in post-war care.
I think it’s because of that. Step for a second.
It’s cool just by touching it.
I felt like I was getting tired.

Maybe it’s because you’re a professional manager.
Every single one of them is cool and stiff.
The know-how is that you touch it.
I felt it. with steady one’s feet
You touch it, you press it on a spot like a blood spot.
They say it’s good for your health.
You seemed to know and press it.

From aroma to sports.
All the janitors said you were good.
I’m so excited to go into the room and get my clothes.
I took off my shirt and started getting treatment.
At the beginning, just relax and lie on your stomach.
I got my back first. at first.
You make your body soft in a way.
It was exactly the same. It was definitely the same at Gayang Station.
I’m getting it right. I’m getting it right.
It felt like it was loosening.

soft as a lamb
It’s a hand that loosens up the muscles.
I had a feeling. He’s not in a good posture.
I don’t do much exercise or stretching.
It hurt a little bit because it was close.
It hurts a little bit, and it’s cooler than pain.
I think I grew up.

When you feel so sick that you can’t stand it,
I could’ve told you, but…
Please divide it into appropriate levels.
Just ask me to make it stronger, or ask me to make it easier.
I didn’t have to tell you.
It’s the same. Depending on my body, it’s the right strength.
He’s the MC. So when I got it,
Maybe it’s because of the fatigue of the day.
I’m sleepy, too.

I doze off and wake up while I’m done with my back.
I was lying down, and every time I woke up, my body was…
I had a strong refreshing feeling. Time
The shoulders and waist that were stiff as they passed.
The pain disappears and the body becomes light.
I felt it. Why would people be here?
I don’t know if it’s under management.
I think I understand.

The manager of Gayang Station massage shop is also kind.
It’s so kind of you that I can’t even hear a little bit of it.
It hurts inside, it’s too 짭까사이 strong, it’s too weak. It’s too weak.
You asked me once. Really
Please be careful, so that there’s no problem.
You went through my reaction.
I think it’s bound to be more satisfying.

Even with the same care, the customer’s reaction is…
I’m not sure if I’m doing it on my way to see it.
It’s a lot more satisfying than the way it is.
It’s only natural that there isn’t. customized
They say we can change the course little by little.
Gayang Station Masaji Shop is the best.
I think it’s right.

Maybe it’s because I’m doing a good job here and there.
The next day, I’ll work better than usual.
He’s light enough to improve efficiency.
I felt it. It relieved my stress.
I feel better, so I feel like I’m healing.
I felt good.

I’m having a hard time at work and I’m stressed out.
I came here after work when I had nowhere to go.
I’m thinking about solving it. Membership
I’ve been a regular customer since I joined.
I need to visit. well-stacked with points
It’s a place. The more you come, the more you get.
I think so. Satisfied care
I’ll visit you whenever I need to.

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