Let’s cheer up together.

I’m pregnant, and I usually gain 10 to 15 kilograms.

I’ve increased to over 20 kilos.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never gained so much weight in my life.

I’ve never been too worried about gaining weight.

If you don’t take it out after you have a baby,

I’ll never miss it. I’ve heard you say something.

I was so scared.ㅠ

But it was really hard because my body was swollen even though I was fat.

I’m fat, so I’m not overweight.

He looked twice, three times bigger.ㅠ

So I’ve been working hard since last month to find out that I’m going to get a massage after giving birth.^^

Many people say that getting a massage makes you lose weight quickly.

And they say that the massage you get here is really healing.

I’ve heard it a lot!

Now or I’ve been advised by my senior mothers that they can’t afford to invest in me.

I searched the storm.

The most important thing for advice from acquaintances is hand-made massage!

They say it’s most effective to untangle every inch of your hands.~~~~

I consulted my moms at the mom’s cafe.

Mothers receive it and eat it. I believe in what’s written.

I’m not gonna regret it.^^

Among them, many cafes have the most reviews.

There’s a place that a lot of moms recommended.

Without machines or tools.

find a place where I can only caress my body with my hands

The place we found was Ilsan Fumasaji Rennejay!

I called him and he was at the headquarters.

(Head office means there are many branches, right?

Wow! Systematic system good!!)

I told them that I live in Ilsan, so they gave me their direct number.

So I consulted with the director of Ilsan Humasaji in detail and made a reservation.

I wanted to get it once and decide on the package, but he answered me gladly ^^!!!

It’s very good that there’s no force!

I’ve heard about other places, and I’ve been pushing packages, and time has passed.

I really don’t like that.

I’m going to get a lot of complaints if I do well.

But Rennejay doesn’t force her.

It feels like you’re trying to fit me.

Not at the headquarters, not at the Ilsan branch.

He’s been very kind to explain everything.

You’ve been listening to me.

I’ve been on Instagram and blogs.

There’s a lot to learn from this and that.

I’ve followed my neighbors!

Child care information and all that good stuff.

They post it almost every day. Oh, my God.

I guess big companies are different, too. Management is differently.

Another thing that’s important is, maybe you don’t fit.

Then it was possible to replace it with someone else.

I’m sure you’re experts, but you’re a human being, so you might not fit.

It’s better for one person to do it all the time.

If it doesn’t fit, of course you can change it to someone else.

We decided to trust him and proceed!

(Fortunately, I loved the first teacher so much that I was able to continue receiving her as the same person.^^!)

Finally, on the day of the massage, the janitor brought me a bunch of beds and other stuff.

He’s going to make our living room a shop and take care of it.

You come in front of the door, thoroughly disinfecting your luggage, your clothes, your hands, etc.

My aunt saw it and complimented me a lot!)

I turned on the boiler to cook well after birth.

Thank you so much for wearing a mask even though it must be hot.♥

The worst part of my body is my back…

Ever since I was a virgin, my back’s been sticking out.ㅠㅠㅠ

His back is bent, so his shoulders and neck…Everything was fine.ㅜㅜ

The supervisor said he was incredibly bent, and he worked really hard to relax and correct his muscles.

I’ve had a lot of massage before, but I’ve never had a cool back ♥!

It hurts, but it’s so cool…

It’s a taste of heaven.

Not only my back, but also my stomach, which I was most worried about after giving birth, only once.

It’s noticeably shrunk.~

After getting the overall massage, the length of the legs that were first paired is amazing!!!!!

Turns out your pelvis…If the goal is twisted like a breastfeeding position,

They said your legs might not fit.crying

Now that you’ve got a good calibration, it’s important to keep it in the right position.

You also gave me some tips on posture ^^!!

I think you studied a lot about blood vessels, muscles, etc. while doing massages after Ilsan.

You’re taking care of me, but I’m like a tweezers, and I’m not feeling well.

He knew everything.

Get an incredible effect with one massage and register 10 times that day!

I don’t know when I’m going to have this kind of luxury.

And not only my body, which is all over the place while taking care of the baby,

I can’t give up this time of heart-to-heart treatment!

There are still a few episodes left, but I don’t know how sad it is every time it 강남피쉬안마 shrinks…

I’ll tell you what you’really!

I really recommend Rennejay Ilsan Fumasaji!

I’m so happy to meet such a great place that fits me so well with this opportunity I won’t have twice ^^!!

To organize my own tips,

  • Machine-free handwriting management!
  • Are complaints well received by large companies, not individuals?
  • Is the price reasonable?
  • Do you have many professional teachers?
  • Do you keep your hygiene under control?

Rennejay Ilsan post-production massage selected after careful examination ♥

I hope that many people like me will get massage after birth and get well.

I’ll leave it with the contact information for Rennejay Ilsan Branch below!

Let’s cheer up together.

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