After disciplinary action of suspending medical practice, Yoon Seo-jung will be interviewed for possible deprivation of her medical license.

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Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu Season 1.8 Review.

In this episode, the reason for the hostage-taking in the last episode was shown and the crisis of Master Kim’s team was depicted.

There’s a spoiler from the bottom.

Ham Seung-ho takes Yoon Seo-jung as a hostage and enters the operating room to demand an end to the operation.

Nam Do-il calls the police on his cell phone, and Ham Seung-ho doesn’t know he made the call and tells him to let go of his cell phone.

Kang Dong-joo is worried about Yoon Seo-jung and demands that everyone stop surgery.
However, Master Kim declared that he would continue the operation, and Ham Seung-ho is now a rapist, and because of the rapist, Ham Seung-ho’s wife miscarried her child and her 11-year-old daughter has to live in a potty bag for the rest of her.

However, he was released from prison after two years because he was recognized as a model prisoner.

Ham Seung-ho was angry at such unreasonable reality.

Master Kim discovers Ham Seung-ho’s feelings and shaking, and tells him to do his duty and do what he wants afterwards, and continues the surgery.

And when the operation was over, armed police arrived.

Master Kim sends out other medical staff after the surgery, informs them that the patient has a spinal injury and cannot walk forever, and that only the patient and Ham Seung-ho should be left in the operating room and do as they please.

Ham Seung-ho is eventually arrested by police for leaving a cry of anger without killing the patient.

Yoon Seo-jung, who was a hostage, comforted Ham Seung-ho and further told Master Kim whether he was okay, but Master Kim told him that he was the most worried and should be told that he was the best person and held up well and freed him from the edge.

Master Kim promised Ham Seung-ho’s daughter treatment and seemed to end warmly…

Song Hyun-chul refers to what happened in the operating room as a problem, and Ji Min-jung eavesdrop on the conversation between Master Kim and Master Yoon Seo-jung, and takes issue with Yoon Seo-jung’s PTSD.

An audit comes down immediately from a giant hospital, and the auditor immediately disciplines Master Kim for suspending medical practice and conducts an interview with Yoon Seo-jung that can even deprive him of his doctor’s license.

Kang Dong-joo, who wants to prevent the situation, sends a call to Shin Myung-ho to be hospitalized, and Shin Myung-ho comes straight to the hospital…!

Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-bu. What was shown in episode 1.8

Master Kim hesitated while operating on a patient in this episode.
The hesitation was felt by Do In-beom, and Oh Myung-sim thought that Master Kim might have done something damaging to the patient by deliberately not doing part of the surgery.

The word romantic appeared.

Kang Dong-ju is confused about how to look at Master Kim, and it feels like he has become more doctorly based on his appearance in the emergency room.

Yoon Seo-jung told Do In-beom that she was not Do Yoon-hwan’s daughter.
However, Do p2p 순위 In-beom did not believe it and decided to do genetic testing.

The recipient’s family, who Yoon Seo-jung had difficulty persuading, showed a quarrel over economic issues.
Bitter cross section…

Ham Seung-ho’s anger is understood.
But there is a problem with his behavior.

He also gave Yoon Seo-jung, who was innocent, a severe fear that PTSD could remain, and so did other medical staff.

He tried to destroy the ethics of his profession as a doctor and sympathize with his murder.

Of course, it was shown in the play and showed that the tears and pain of the victims’ families were great.

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