Keep beauty and solidity

It’s popular all over the world

Luxury watches are especially popular in Korea

Maybe it’s Rolex.

Even people who don’t know luxury watches

Rolex knows everything.

Rolex, a luxury watch in Korea

I think it has the same image.

These days, you’re having a lot of stuff

I think we should have a better product than that

I think there are many people who do it.

So today is a popular day

Rolex GMT Master 2

I would like to introduce the product.

Have a luxury watch for the first time

If you don’t have the product of that brand

This Rolex GMT Master 2 product

I really want to recommend it.

The product I’m going to show you today is pink gold.

This pink gold for Asians

I think it’s the color that came out.

That’s how much Asian skin

It’s a really good color.

You look warm and elegant

It’s a very harmonious color

This beautiful pink gold has been around since 2005

It’s being used for Rolex models

Keeping the pingol color beautiful for a long time

It’s 18 carat pink gold alloy

Develop Everrose Gold and obtain a patent

I am known to have done it.

The color is as good as this technology

It looks mysterious and brilliant.

There’s an aura in the picture

It’s too bad I didn’t put it in.

The flexible color that flows through the light

Everyone can’t help but be attracted

I don’t think so.

Pink gold, and the dial is black

The two contrasting colors are very intense

It looks sophisticated.

This dial is a typical Rolex dial

It’s known as a face

It’s a design that contains a unique identity.

The dial in black and the plate in white

By contrast, visibility has increased significantly.

Also to prevent discoloration 18 carats

They said they used a gold time mark.

These perfect dials are hand-crafted

It’s said to be the result of the production.

The perfect skill and beauty of Rolex

How systematic is the work I’m pursuing

I think I know if it’s going on.

Oyster blesslets are so fit

It’s very suitable for a daily watch.

It’s a product with both solidity and comfort

The perfect blend of aesthetics and technology

I think I’m talking about this product.

The oyster bracelet prevents loosening

with oyster rock folding class

EasyLink Comfort Extension link

It is made and boasts a very solidity.

Also, this product allows the user to reduce the length

Made to adjust about 5mm

With a more comfortable product tailored to oneself

You can wear it.

This product was developed by Rolex

Carlibur 3285 with next-generation movement

It is more popular as a product.

The development process to which this technology was applied

It is said that it consists of 10.

It’s a movement called the Chronicle Escape

It’s installed at about 70 o’clock

It is known to guarantee power reserve.

Also, the hair springs are installed in this model

They’re very resistant to impact

It’s very 가방레플리카 stable despite temperature changes

Show me a solid one that doesn’t really break

It’s known as a clock.

It’s 12:00

In addition to poetry, minutes, and seconds, the hour hand for 24 hours

Two-way with 24 hours inscribed

You can check the abduction bezel.

And the 24-hour hour hour hand with a noticeable color

Through the scale of the bezel I’m pointing at

Let’s share the time of our country in the first hour

It’s convenient to check.

If you’re going on a trip, the local time of the destination is different

Through the original mechanism of the winding crown

It’s designed to be easily and quickly adjustable.

Along with passport when traveling abroad

I think it’s a must-have product

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